Trispen Technologies provides focused technical consulting and product development services to owners of network products. We have many years of real world experience in creating solid network appliance products based on FreeBSD, Linux and other embedded platforms.

We take pride in successful product development through concept to market success.

Our success stories:

    • IP-Granite: A complete IPsec VPN software solution comprising workstation, server and appliance components as well as central management software. With thousands of installed systems, the product matured through four major versions and in 2009 the majority product suite and trademark was purchased by South African information Security company, Nanoteq (Pty) Ltd. The successor product is currently under further development by Nanoteq. Please contact for more information.

    • @TheOffice: Trispen developed @TheOffice Wherever and Together as a VPN-as-a-service product that allows small companies to securely access networks that are located behind a typical NAT fiewall, remotely. The product was successfully marketed on-line and as an OEM product for several South African and International Service providers and Operators. The intellectual property associated with @TheOffice was transferred to XipLink Inc during 2008. Please contact for more information.

Other product developments: Over a period of twelve years, Trispen has been responsible for developing products in the secure networking space for a variety of partners. These projects were mostly integrated into succesful products or formed major part of service offerings provided by our partners.